Monday, October 6, 2008

Triple Ponytails

We have been doing this one quite a bit lately. She loves it, I love it, life is good!

First, part the hair how you normally would for two ponytails. Then divide each side into thirds. I pulled the top third into a ponytail and the bottom third into a ponytail.

Then you take and pull the bottom ponytail and the top ponytail into the so.

Repeat on the other side.

You can curl the ponytails from here or leave them straight. However, I wasn't feeling it yet. So I took this method from Jenn (which I am in LOVE with, by the way) and made a messy bun.

I pulled out my curling iron. GASP! Did I really just say curling iron on this site? Why, yes. I believe I did. I do own one you know. Don't tell my flat iron. It may cry.

Then we added purple bows. It was purple day.

And here it is in action. I totally stole this off her preschool blog from last week. Hope you don't mind Eve.