Monday, October 6, 2008

Criss cross braids with only 1/2 of the hair

This is just like THIS hairstyle, with only 1/2 of the hair. That is the nice thing about hair, you can change one style by just doing it on half the hair or doing the same style on either side of the hair.

Start by parting the hair in the middle and pulling each side into a ponytail. Braid down the hair, now here is my tip. When I am braiding, I pull the braid over to the other ponytail to see where I need to end my braid. I don't like having to redo things. Secure the braid with an elastic.

Now, take the braid and flip it over so the end is by the opposite base of the ponytail. Pull a section of the elastic up and slip the end of the braid under the elastic.

Do the same with the remaining braid.

Now you just curl the ends, or make them spikey. If I did spikey ends, I would have done the hair that was left down straight. Since I curled them, I curled the ends. I like consistency.

Slip some bows in and there you have it.