Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tween bun for lazy days

Hi.  Remember me?  It's been a while.  Almost three years to be exact.  Life has been fun.  We built a house, moved, had girls grow, figured out how to live with a child who has severe allergies and just plain enjoyed life.  My girls are getting older.  Remember this one?  My sweet first born who was eight years old the last time I posted is now turning twelve and entering junior high.  We have transitioned from a house with little, little girls to a tweenager home. It has been really fun.  I don't mean that in an "I have moody, obnoxious children" way.  I mean it in a "This is the SWEET spot of life.  I have real, deep conversations with my girls who are smart, fun, sweet with just a tiny bit of sass" way.

In regards to this style, the television has been on consistently lately.  We love watching the Olympics.  My little ones especially LOVED watching women's gymnastics and watching Gabby soar to the gold but felt so bad for her because the press went on and on about her hair.  Really?  Around here... maybe it's just Utah...all of the tween/teenage girls are wearing their hair in high ponytails pulled into a messy bun or left down but up high and full.  My own tweenager is no exception.

I rarely do her hair anymore.  She is in full independent mode.  Today she let me have at her, and you know what?  It is hard for me to do her hair!  I am out of practice with it's texture and how it moves.  But she humored me and let me have at it anyways.