Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Simple...Two Knotted Ponytails

It's summer.  For the most part, we are lucky if hair gets brushed, let alone done.  We found some super cute hats at the beginning of summer and most of the time my little girls just plop those on or we spend most of our days lazing around "the Hill" at the pool and the hair looks a chlorinated, tangled mess.  But on rare occasions, I do get their hair done, and it's simple in the summer.

This one is an old stand by.  Two ponytails flipped into knots.  Nothing fancy, no ropes or twists or braids. Just something to keep their hair out of their faces.

****Just a little aside, we always ALWAYS start with wet hair to keep their hair fly-away free.  My girls have lightweight, soft hair.  The smooth usually only lasts for a little while unless they are straight out of the shower.  I like them to bathe at night, so the two don't mesh well.  I've tried every product on the market and one day in a moment of desperation, we discovered our secret weapon.

Warm water, infusium 23 leave-in treatment and conditioner.  We had this on hand, which is fine because we all love the coconutty smell.  I fill up the spray bottle with warm water, drop in about a teaspoon of conditoner and two-ish tablespoons of infusium 23.  It's like freshly conditioned, wet hair without having to rush to have one more person in the shower in the morning.  The weight of the conditoner helps so much and the infusium 23 keeps the flyaways to a minimum...unless your daughter wraps her head in a fleece blanket and wears it as a disguise.  I'm afraid nothing can help with that.