Monday, October 13, 2008

Star part puffy braids

You will notice that there is a lack of pictures leading up to this first picture. Sometimes I will get going on their hair and then "DOH!" I remember I have a hair blog and I make a mad dash for the camera. If I am planning on a new style, I clean off my bathroom counter. HA! Now you can see what my bathroom counter REALLY looks like in the morning.

So, basically, you part the hair down the middle and then you form your triangles from a center point on the crown of her head. When I do a normal puffy braid, I like all of my sections to end at the same point right above her ear. I like the uniformity. With this one, you make the ponytail sections look like above.

Then I pulled the two ponytails into one big one...and I got her dress sopping wet. You could do this with two ponytails, however, my ponytails were too close together and I wanted to keep the star part consistent. So I pulled them into one. I only pulled the ponytail half way through.

Then I broke out the curling iron that I have been favoring latey and curled those ends.

See that darling little butterfly, you will have a chance to win one for yourself VERY soon. SO cute!

Top view

Back view