Saturday, October 11, 2008

Parts...How to

A straight part.

Yes, we did cut bangs. And for the record, she did not cut her hair and it wasn't something we had to fix. Her mother had a whim.

Comb the hair out nice and smooth. I find working with wet hair makes for the prettiest part.

Then I take the comb and go straight back on her hair.

On one of the lines the comb made, I take the come and separate the hair.

Like so.

Just go straight back. Then pull the sections apart and smooth.

Then dig at that ear because you swear you have a bug in it. Turns out, it was water.


When I say part from the side to the crown in so many of my posts, this is what I mean.

Coming off the part, you part again.

Then coming off that part, you part again. Repeat this until you are as far as you want to go.

Once you have mastered that one, you can move onto the easy version.
Comb the hair straight back.

Take the tail part of your rat-tailed comb and "draw" a zig-zag on the scalp.

Pull the comb up and separate the two sides of the part.

Comb each side for definition. Or, if you want to leave it down and have a vague part, don't pull it apart and smooth it as much.