Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Hair...The base for MANY styles

Many of the characters that I see out there have a basic hairstyle. It starts with ringlets.

Start out with dirty hair. Dirty hair holds curl better. At least in my house it does. So when your darling daughter gets her bath the night before, lay off the hair washing. I used a bunch of curl cream and ran it through her hair.

Then I curled ringlets with my flat-iron. You could use a curling iron, but I am more proficent with my flat iron. I curled her entire head of hair in less than five minutes. You can't do that with a curling iron, especially on thicker hair.

To curl her hair with the flat iron, I start at the base of the hair and wrap the hair around the flat iron and slowly pull it down. While I am pulling down, I keep the iron turned.

Less than five minutes later...

Excuse her tired eyes. She had some tummy troubles last night and she parked her pillow and blankets in the bathroom and slept on the bathroom floor. I don't think you sleep very well on the bathroom floor.

Also, this is where you stop if you are Goldilocks, Little Bo-Peep, Little Miss Muffet, Nellie Olsen (giggle), etc. Just spray and add your hat or your oversized bow that is almost as big as your head.

However, today we are not any of those characters. So I grab a section of hair at the crown of her head and back comb.

A lot. The poofier you want her hair, the more you back comb.

Now, let the hair fall and smooth over the top of where you just back combed. You may think you have lost some of the curl, but let me assure you, you have not. Those ends look a little wonky.

Simply take your fingers and smooth them back into curls.

Like so.

This wasn't my last step. I also sprayed her hair with hairspray and scrunched the ends up.

Look at those ends, and that poof. I will have you know, this is how my hair looked my entire junior year, only I used hot rollers. Then I cut my hair and my boyfriend hated me. So I dumped his sorry behind. I had cool hair in highschool. People even wrote that in my yearbook. True story.

Here is your base. Now you can take and do what you want with it. For school we put a snap barrette in it and then a flower over that.

For a fairy, I would twist it up into a claw and then let it fly all over the place or pull it into two loose ponytails at the crown and then back comb it some more or even re-curl pieces to give it more definition, like below.

However, what we were going for as far as princesses and characters was Ariel and Sleeping Beauty. I will show you THAT tomorrow. I am cranking these out as fast as I can before Halloween and I will be taking a four-day blogging break starting Friday. I really hope these little tutorials are helping so that moms don't have to go out and buy a bunch of nasty wigs that will never EVER be as cute as their daughters real hair!