Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Hair...Cinderella

My rendition of Cinderella.

Okay, after studying all of the princess hair, I have come to the conclusion that Tinkerbell and Cinderella are the most similar of any of the princesses. Although, technically Tinkerbell isn't a princess. But you get what I am saying. Tinkerbell's hair is a little more skewompus. Don't you love that I make up my own words on this blog?

For the slicker Cinderella do, first I start with a very high ponytail. I started with sopping wet hair (just out of the tub) and then I coated it with pomade on the bottom and sides. I was doing this one higher and I did NOT want pieces falling like they usually do on her hair. I used an elastic very similar to her hair color because you will see the elastic on this one.

Then I took and divided her ponytail into three sections. I took the first one and coated it with pomade and looped it over and secured it with two bobby pins criss-crossed. Just push the ends out of the way...we will deal with those later.

Then I did it again on the other side.

Then I took the third piece and did it one more time.

Now the ends. I continued the loop with them by taking my flat iron and curling them in the same direction as the loops. Think one big curly q. Then I tucked the ends into the bobby pins already in place. She had enough in there to set off the metal detectors at the airport, I didn't want to use anymore.

I sprayed the entire contraption with massive amounts of hairspray and then I set it with my blow dryer. Like I said, I didn't want to take the chance that this one would fall out.


Now, for Cinderella, here is where I would add the black headband. However, we were just heading to a fire station field trip and I just don't love black and brown together, and since she was wearing brown, we stuck a bow on the side of the bun.

There you have it. How I see Cinderella in my head. Also, this makes a pretty fabulous Geisha do as well.