Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Do's. Two and a half ponytails?

YAY! A fresh head of hair to add to my arsenal. People ask how my kids hold so still when I do their hair. Simple answer is I do it from the time they are babies. When this one hit a year, her hair started growing and it is getting super thick in the back. Could someone tell that to her front and sides?

Usually I do one or two piggies on top, but as they get a bit older and can sit for a bit longer, I get a bit more creative.

This one is basically a triangle in the front of the hair pulled into a ponytail. I parted her hair from the point of the triangle in the back down and made yet another triangle. I pulled that together and added the first ponytail. THEN I did another part on the other side and did JUST that into a ponytail. Sometimes I add bows. Okay, usually I add bows, but today I wanted just the color from the elastics.

And yes, I did curl her hair with a flat iron. Her hair is SUPER straight and if I don't, we get fly aways all day.