Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Hair...Snow White

Start with the ringlets like in the base hair post below and finger comb them out and spray them. Let them dry. I put the headband...Snow White's is red. Make sure you remember that. On a normal day I would probably stop here because I love this. However, we are trying to be Snow White, so we keep on going.

So now, take and brush her hair down. I use my fingers and comb them back into BIG ringlets, or waves.
I know it seems kind of redundant to make ringlets and comb them out and re-put them into ringlets, but it is really the only way I know of to make this kind of a wave.
If your daughter doesn't have bangs, I would just pull the hair back into the headband and pull a bit forward...think DJ Tanner from Full House.