Monday, February 4, 2008

How to...

Here is my "how to" segment.

This was recently left in one of my comments

"It is here where I need a bit of advice if you don't mind. I can't ever seem to get the hair to sleek back as perfectly as yours looks in the pics. What is your secret...if you don't mind sharing. I use the spray bottle and the comb and I have used the detangle spray on occasion. Both of my girls have really thick hair. I would love any words of wisdom you might be able/willing to offer." This coupled with the same question from another friend.

My answer, a dripping wet head and max hold hair gel and a FINE toothed comb. If it is not fine, you can't get their hair as tight. Also, you can't be afraid of pulling their heads around a little bit. My kids have tough old heads. I am afraid I would die if they had tender heads.

I am seriously NOT kidding when I say wet hair. If I had my way, I would wash my girls hair before I did their hair EVERYDAY! Since they get their baths at night, this is not happening. I have a rather large spray bottle and I am not kidding when I say that I fill it up every three days.

Spray around the hairline first. Then comb the water into the hair. I do this a couple of times. Then I take the gel and I use about the size of a nickel and I rub it in both of my hands and rub it into their hair, then I spray hairspray on it as well. Lots of product...good thing I buy the cheap stuff. I save my $$$ for good shampoo and conditioner for their hair. Heaven knows they need it.

I pull their hair into whatever concoction I have thought up that day...spraying with water as needed...and then after I am all done, I spray with hairspray again.

Their hair drys into the shape if I make sure it is wet first.

I should just note, it doesn't matter how nice you get their hair, the minute they put their heads in the carseat, it is static city.

But hey, you tried. Right?